Keep Dust Out Of Electronics / Equipment

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  • Keep up to 97% of dust & debris out of electronics & equipment
  • Keep electronics & equipment cooler
  • Keep electronics & equipment running smoother
  • Keep electronics & equipment running longer
  • Save money on energy bill
  • Perfect for all brands including G.E., Kenmore, Sony, HP, Dell, Apple, Microsoft and more.


Dust tends to build up on processors and internal parts. After it has had time to build up, it will act as an insulation that will keep the processor from being cooled creating friction on moving parts. Computers have a cooling fan to keep the system from overheating. Some upgraded computers have graphics and/or sound cards upgrades which have cooling fans installed on these cards. These graphics and/or sound cards get dust built up on them and eventually they give out.


Dust can collect on the processor board and on the light that projects the image, over time causing a dull picture and eventually going out. Also, when the board gets too hot, Permanent damage will occur.


Dust can cause major problems with your refrigerator by clogging the cooling coils. It is very important to keep this clean of any obstruction. If not kept clean, the pressure will build to a point where the compressor gets very hot from pushing too much pressure. The gas going to your fridge is hot and your fridge won't cool down enough. If this goes on to long, it could be just a short period of time till the compressor goes bad.